Nubrx has been perfecting scan-less checkout, with the founding members having years of experience with Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, sensors and all of the components necessary for an exceptional customer experience.  What is scan-less checkout, which is also referred to as cashier-less checkout?

Technology exists today where you no longer have to put all of your products in a cart and take them back out only to put them back in something else.  Why take minutes to do something that you can do in seconds?  Nubrx helps eliminate all of the unnecessary steps while making sure that all of the appropriate actions for the payment take place.

ATM’s at banks have been around for years and some banks are beginning to get rid of the drive-through teller line altogether now.  Restaurants are beginning to use self-ordering kiosks.  The timing is right for brick & mortar retailers to begin automating a function that causes customer dissatisfaction and high costs.  It is already difficult enough to compete with online retailers on price as they do not have the same overhead as large storefronts.

What happens to the cashiers?  There is no doubt that retail automation will impact jobs.  With similar types of transformations in the past, the majority of the jobs will be transformed where the cashiers become sales specialists, helping the customers.  This not only has significantly improved the customer satisfaction, but also has shown a huge increase in the average order size, again benefiting both the retailer and the customer.