Nubrx has been excited to watch all of the news and activity related to Amazon Go.  The new convenience store is using cameras and amazing technology to eliminate the need for check-out lines.  When news first came out of the concept, we were excited as Amazon can create the buzz and publicity around scan-less checkout.

Jim Lungaro has been working on scan-less checkout for nearly 10 years.  He has pioneered changes within the payment industry to streamline processes and has been pushing and pulling retailers in this direction.  Many feared the concept as it sounded too futuristic and not something that will be easy to achieve.

Amazon has demonstrated that it is the future.  While Amazon can create a concept store and invest millions to simply try things out, Nubrx believes there are multiple ways in which stores can introduce scan-less checkout.  We have been testing solutions for the past couple of years and establishing strong partnerships throughout the IoT community.  Contact us to discuss the solution right for your business.