Adding Nubrx (New Bricks) to Traditional Businesses

Many articles have been written on the demise of brick and mortar retailers.  Nubrx has created solutions that help retailers embrace much of the technology that has helped lead to their struggles. Nubrx provides the tools and the team to allow the businesses to take advantage of the new technology.  The Nubrx  team is focused on creating an amazing new user experience and modernizing processes.  Our solutions can help those traditional businesses who have a vision to transform their industry and who are serious about innovation.

TAPZIO by Nubrx

Continuing with the theme of improving the customer experience, Nubrx offers TAPZIO, an intuitive and super simple, touch-less way to pay.  TAPZIO uses the latest technology that supports consumer mobile wallets such as SamsungPay, GooglePay, ApplePay and MCX.  Learn more

Scan-less Checkout by Nubrx

Nubrx offers a Scan-less Checkout, where customers no longer have to wait in lines.  While the Scan-less Checkout may be the most noticeable feature offered by Nubrx, it is far from the only benefit.  Nubrx focuses on a full, end-to-end solution.  The following are a few of the key feature the Nubrx experience utilizes.

Internet & IoT

The push to IoT (Internet of Things) enable billions of items by 2020 supports the business model for the Nubrx solution.  We are accelerating this initiative with innovative companies interested in and fully utilizing the capabilities of RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, and sensors.

Clicks & Bricks

Merchants’ interactions with consumers is streamlined and improved.  Merchants will benefit from operational efficiency and improved customer experience.  These same streamlined processes can be applied to other traditional industries.

Shopping Specialists

With a unique, lightning-fast checkout, associates will become specialists with a focus on assisting customers.  The speed of checkout will offer not only amazing efficiency but proven basket uptake that can exceed 100%.

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